The Perfect Holiday Party Outfit | Must-Haves for Your Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but it sometimes doesn’t feel like that when you have to keep buying the perfect holiday party outfit for every seasonal get-together and event. If you find yourself grabbing your credit card and heading to the mall every time you receive a new invite, it’s time to reconsider your holiday wardrobe strategy! Instead of dropping major cookie dough for tons of new outfits, put together one capsule wardrobe so you can mix and match for all your holiday parties.

leopard print skirt with deff leopard graphic tee

Mix It Up

If you’re bored of ugly Christmas sweaters and red/green combos, consider a non-traditional approach to your next holiday outfit! You can still look chic while staying festive. Mix up your Christmas party attire with boho pieces and graphic tees. Fall clothes are also easy to transition into your winter and holiday wardrobe.

When you have a few basic pieces in your capsule wardrobe, you can mix them up with unexpected ones. Band tees are great for pairing with a cozy sweater and your favorite pair of reindeer antlers.

The Right Top

The key to a capsule wardrobe is gathering pieces that you can pair together. Having a collection of tops that are ready to go at the drop of a Santa’s hat will make it easy to attend all those parties. Choose tops that will work well with any holiday party outfit or accessories. While many capsule wardrobes involve neutral colors, you can fill your holiday one with jewel tones and other deep, rich colors.

Bold Bottoms

Fill your capsule wardrobe with holiday-friendly skirts and pants. Make sure these pieces are in neutral colors or tones that will complement your festive tops. To make a classic capsule wardrobe, consider stocking your closet with equal numbers of bottoms and tops. It’s also a good idea to have your shirt selection handy while you shop so you can pair them with all the bottoms you choose. You should be able to create a holiday party outfit by mixing and matching anything in your wardrobe!

sparkly heels and clutch for holiday party

Fill In With Accessories

Capsule wardrobes rely heavily on adding the right accessories to change up the look of every outfit. This is especially important when you’re creating a Christmas party attire capsule wardrobe. Adding a chunky bracelet or a gold-hued necklace to your outfits can completely transform your look.


Christmas means winter, and winter usually means having to put on a jacket before you head out on the town. It can be tricky to find outerwear that goes with all your outfits, but adding a jacket to your holiday party outfit capsule is important. Don’t freeze for the sake of fashion! Find a neutral-colored jacket that will work with all the tops and bottoms in your capsule. It’s also best to look for one that’s not too casual and not too formal. Find a jacket that you can dress up or down so you don’t have to choose between your “fun” jacket and your “good” jacket.

Gearing up for winter with a chic holiday party outfit is just the beginning. Shop our new arrivals to see the best new styles.