Top Women’s Sunglasses Brands

At Dakotas Boutique, we care about more than just keeping your closet up to date with the newest styles! We also want to introduce you to outstanding brands that care about their communities. One of our favorite brands to partner with is Diff Eyewear for their amazing styles and commitment to giving back. They’ve donated over 1,000,000 pairs of reading glasses to people in need around the world. When you shop this women’s sunglasses brand, you’re also helping to make a difference.

A Commitment to Quality

The reason Diff Eyewear has become one of the most popular women’s sunglasses brands is a combination of their charity work and the quality of their eyewear. With premium materials and cutting edge fabrication, the sunglasses designed in their Southern California studio are cut from a single piece of acetate instead of an injection mold to ensure more flexibility and comfort.

Diff Eyewear at Dakotas Boutique

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