New Looks We Love

At Dakotas Boutique, we try to keep our selection fresh and original by bringing in new looks we love every chance we get! Our latest arrivals offer fresh takes on unique boho fashion with a California twist. If it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with an imaginative take on your classic favorites, explore the most up to date pieces we have to offer here!

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Our Unique Selection

Dakotas Boutique guarantees you’ll always find something you haven’t seen before. Each piece is carefully chosen by our favorite designers. You won’t find this stuff anywhere else!

Our selection of looks we love includes everything from skirts and dresses to shoes and accessories. Everything is chosen with seasonality in mind, but Cali Livin’ is always our inspiration. Discover the perfect outfits to inspire your lifestyle.

Shop with Us!

Dakotas Boutique wants you to find distinct clothing items that really help you express your personality! We are all about meeting your needs through free shipping, flexible sizing, premium quality apparel, and great customer service. Feel free to reach out for assistance any time!

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