Bohemian Fashion Styles That Have Withstood the Test of Time

The most timeless Bohemian fashion styles have remained in vogue for decades. The trend itself is timeless. It brings to mind visions of open fields, empty beaches, and far-out sunsets. As an aesthetic, it's laid-back and casual but always stylish. Update your wardrobe with classic Boho chic boutique clothing from Dakotas Boutique.

A Little Crochet, S'il Vous Plait

a crocheted sleeveless sweater

Crochet is a quintessential Bohemian fashion style that just so happens to be in the middle of a comeback. It made the rounds again in the 1990s as well, proving that crocheted clothing never strays too far out of the fashion-forward conscious. While crocheted sweaters are an obvious pick, the Bohemian trend embraces crochet everywhere. Dare to step out in open-knit shorts or a cute crocheted skirt, for example. You can always opt for crocheted accessories, as well.

Baby Got Bell Bottoms

It's no surprise that bell bottoms and flared pants fall into the Boho trend, given that it took off like a juggernaut in the psychedelic '60s and groovy '70s. You want more than a mere bootcut flare, however. Shop for Boho chic boutique clothing with retro inspiration. You don't have to wear your mama's bell-bottoms, but jeans and trousers with a noticeable flare at the ankles are on-point for the Bohemian trend. Extra points if your jeans feature any type of embroidery, by the way.

Maximum Maxis

a red floral maxi dress

You can't help but picture maxi dresses when you think of the Bohemian fashion style. Long, flowing dresses with eye-catching details are a mainstay of the trend. You want dresses that touch your feet or trail behind you. Jazzy prints in soothing colors are ideal, but just about any maxi will do. The right maxi can take you anywhere, whether it's a stroll along the beach or a night on the town with a dapper date. Maxis are made for the summertime, but there are plenty of flowy frocks that you can wear through fall, winter, and spring, as well.

The Prettiest Peasant Garb

Peasant tops and skirts are all the rage in the Boho trend. We have a sensational selection of chic boutique clothing that follows suit. In addition to long skirts, you're looking for smocked tops, full belled sleeves, and off-shoulder silhouettes. Poet shirts and bubble tops fit the look, as well. As for colors, white is a solid pick, but so are darker, more dramatic hues, such as aubergine and crimson.

The Gladiator Style

The Bohemian fashion style of footwear is all about the gladiator design. Strappy sandals with cut-out details are perfect with maxi skirts and flared bottoms. To take it a step further, look for sandals that lace all the way up your calves. Suede and embroidered ankle boots are also on-trend.

At Dakotas Boutique, we have everything you need to embrace the most enduring Bohemian fashion styles. Shop our groovy selection for a dose of Boho charm.